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Friday, June 21, 2019

Top 5 Reasons Cohabitation Is Wrong. Reasons Partners Should Build Healthy Friendship Instead.

A lot of people usually view cohabitation from the moral and religious angle,with majority frowning at it,besides being morally right seeing two people in a relationship moving in to live together before officially becoming man and wife  has loads of odds that  working against it.

According to a study published in  The Journal of Family most couples who move in  together without any clear commitment to marriage  may end up getting married  for the wrong reasons,In most cases its partly because they are already living together,the feeling of indebtedness and compassion  rather than the conviction that they're totally compatible becomes the main reason the marriage would happen.

If couples decides to see how their relationship will be in the future,high chances are  that they will find out that it might not be so rosy,they may end up calling it quit.

Cohabiting ends up being associated with the most problems in a relationship .

Top reasons cohabitation Is wrong.

(A)There's High risk of divorce

(B)Partners who cohabited have tendency to cheat

(C)The partners may soon start having. Issues with sharing expenses.

(D)There's likely to be nothing to make the partners want to work harder to get married officially, they live together so procrastination becomes part of it.

(E)The partners may get tired of sex/they're likely to get comfortable ,

60% of partners who cohabited ended up not getting married, they're mostly uptight.What if we end up not working? Not any one of them can save for the other person.in most cases the partners are skeptical about taking risks ,they're test running each other to see what each one of them is capable of bringing to the table.little time it becomes tight for the partners to create fun moments because they live carefully.

Having a healthy relationship is  all  about a choice to remain committed through thick and thin,test running a relationship adds nothing to it.it's a choice that one only has to make.
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Saturday, June 15, 2019

4 Tips For The Clitoral Stimulation For A Powerful Orgasm

If she's not satisfied then nothing happened.Strange but truth, 75% of women don't experience full orgasm during intimacy with their partners and out of these percentage 60% don't talk about it with their partners.Most women live with the frustration of not experiencing sexual bliss.

Why wouldn't most women open up about their sex life and discuss about what they want and how they feel? one may  ask but it's simply because the orientation was wrongly given  from early generation till the millennium even,women were taught that sex is not meant for  their enjoyment. According to my Igbo  tribe, a woman only go in with her man when he feels like being with her or when the couple are planning to  make babies.

The belief  was inculcated in most women by their mothers from childhood,modernization hasn't really been able to erase this  belief off the mentality of so many women.

But is sex really meant for women to enjoy and get satisfied?.

The female's body was created specially and endowed to pleasure both the man and woman, every part of the female body  has veins and nerves that throbs at the slightest touch.

While the body parts of  every woman  is same there are different erogenous zones for different women.
To some it's their nipples while some has all the sensitivity packed in their breast or thighs,some prefers the clitoris ,however the clitoris is a major sensual part  in every woman. The clitoris is very sensitive and provides huge  pleasure during love making. It helps provide massive orgasm when it is well stimulated.

Majority of women  feels comfortable with oral sex because a lot of men gives little attention to foreplay and will quickly rush to the clitoris to quicken  orgasm.Much as the clitoris provides huge pleasure to women,there's still need to do it rightly in order to achieve completed satisfaction.

From the fingers of a woman to the navel down to her inner thighs, every part needs to be given proper attention.

On this particular article I'm focusing on  "Clitoral  stimulation for powerful orgasm"

Most women hardly  come to orgasm majorly because little time is dedicated to foreplay, the Clitoral stimulation is a powerful way to  achieving a mind blowing, toe-curling orgasm

This is how it works

(A)You’ll be focusing on the clitoris and all you need to do is to take a finger and just start rubbing up and down on one side of it. If you want more stimulation, then try rubbing your finger directly over the clits.

Using one or more fingers, very lightly and softly glide over the middle of the vagina and clitoris, from bottom to top . get to know which part  of the body  provide the most pleasure and stimulation when touched.Then experiment with fast strokes, slower strokes, as well as using more or less pressure.  try switching direction, starting at the  clit and rubbing downwards or rubbing up and down

This is another simple and straightforward technique focusing on the clitoris. As the name suggests, you are going to be rubbing your finger from side to side over the  clit.

It depends on individual, some may prefer intense contact and pressure to be able to enjoy it while some may want indirect contact,communication is important in all of these so the woman will tell which pleases her.

Change the amount of pressure you use.
Try using some lubricants
 switch the  fingers you use (one, two, three or four)
Switch between direct and indirect contact.

Her response will tell  how much enjoyment she's deriving from the stimulation, the end result is  always amazing.

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Friday, June 14, 2019

5 Things we should stop giving a damn about.

(1) Trying to make other people happy  at your own expense.
Its a  hard concept to let go of but I promise you when you learn the skill of finding peace in yourself instead of depending on what people think about to decide and determine how you feel about yourself,the much happier you will be.

(2) What People Say

I know you hear  this  a lot  but seriously who cares about what  is  said if it is negative its just jealousy or lies so people are replaceable and they need to know that.

(3)Our Statues in life.

If Steve Jobs didnt become successful till 40,then it means that we have atleast  about two decades to  figure out our hustles

You know what?universe has a way of blessing the good people.

(4) Shitty People

This has an easy solution,cut toxic people out of your life!.!

People are naturally disappointing,it is better to lose people that arent adding anything  positive into your life than to lose your peace of mind.mental wellness is everything.

(5) Regrets

There is no such thing as regrets!!just mistakes we havent forgiven ourselves of yet. Take the positives the mistakes must have taught you then let it go!!
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Sunday, June 9, 2019

How To Initiate Love making. 3 Subtle Tips For Women.

Man and woman in Love

While to some women it may be out of shyness,their gut always fail them,but to some it's  not just their thing but come on,why would it be hard for a woman to initiate love making in a union she went into with a man she claimed she loved?

There’s one thing comforting regarding having your partner be the one to initiate sex . When your husband initiates lovemaking it gives you the confidence that he’s in the mood and makes you feel desired.
However, if your spouse is the only one initiating sex it  makes your sex life  one sided .this could make them to  feel uncomfortable and be wondering if really you are physically and/or sexually attracted to them.

A lot of women get on edge once it seems they're crazy about love making while their spouse aren't, most women will not be comfortable  with the tag of a sex maniac,but they desire to get intimate most of the  time,they get pissed off and can  go without sex because they're not  eager to be the one to make  the first move

A close friend confided in me on how her husband had accused her of either been  a same sex lover or she had something wrong health wise"it felt awkward waking him up in the middle of the night to request we make love,but I guessed it was a turn on for him ,he desired I'd ask for it at least once in awhile but I was too shy to come around "

Going without sex just because you aren’t sure how to make the move can make you frustrated and angry with your partner. But remember, he is not a mind reader.Getting  intimate with your husband shouldn't be something to feel embarrassed about.

 From subtle to in-your-face  style we’re looking at  ways to  kick start moves for  love making with your husband.

(1)Create Sexually  Tensed up atmosphere
If you want to make the first move but aren’t sure where to begin, don’t be nervous. You don’t have to be especially forward or do anything outside of your comfort zone to get his attention. Letting your husband know you’re in the mood doesn’t mean pouncing on him as soon as he walks through the front door.
Initiating sex is all about creating a buildup.
(a)You can plan a romantic evening with wine and light some candles. Or be spontaneous and start by offering him a massage or snuggle on the couch while you watch television. He will get the hint.

At the ladies night we had few women confessed  they start cat-calling their hubby to join them in bed so early while going about the bedroom or going in and  out of the study wearing sexy lingerie "my husband always smiles at my antics knowingly, he perfectly understands I needed his touches" Vivien said

(2) Dirty Texts works like charm.
If you’re not cool with  verbalizing your wishes, why not text it to your husband? Many couples send titillating photos back and forth, however, sending naked photos  may  not always  be so  private as there may be chances of other people getting hold of our phones. There are plenty of ways to send a suggestive message, I'm a lover of words so I'd always advocate for  word texting  without photos. For example, you could take a picture of your sexiest lingerie laid out on the bed while typing out your desires.
A simple line saying that you can’t wait for him to get home followed up by a silly yet suggestive emoji will send the message loud and clear.

(3)Get naughty codes.
If you’re shy about initiating sex but still want your man to know you’re into the idea, you can set up a naughty codeword in advance.
Choose codes solely you and your spouse will  grasp what it  means  This sense of naughty mystery creates intimacy and boosts excitement between you and your partner. This way, he knows exactly what you want when you get back home.

Physical relation is a very important part of  a love relationship, it plays a key role in unifying couples therefore none of the individuals involved should overlook it or take it for granted.

If you're having.difficulties balancing your  physical relationship with your spouse,kindly reach out so you can get help .Emailchicrystal90@gmail.com
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Friday, June 7, 2019

Fake Pledge Of A Lifetime Together? Empty Words Of Promises That Kills Trust.

You met her and told her you loved her,You promised her you'd give your all to the relationship, you even pledged a  lifetime with her.

She was excited she's finally found love, she's been longing for real true love, she's been hurt severally,love has bruised her ,she opened up to you, talked to you about her bruised heart,you promised to  be the soothing balm that she.needed to  heal .

But it's all lies!!!

You proposed marriage and she happily jumped on it,the ring is on her fingers!!,to her she's ready to take on the whole world,her Prince charming was beside her.

But it's all lies!!!

She took you to her family on your request and you introduced yourself to them as "her would be husband"
But you didn't have any plan to make her a life partner, it wasn't your intention to spend your forever with her,you're merely out for a conquest!! Did you need to take it that far?

You broke a heart that loved you unconditionally, you tore apart a heart that depended on you with your heavy empty words of promises,

You're a murderer!!!

My mind has repeatedly failed to grasp the stretch of the 9 yards men cover to get inbetween the sheets sometimes.

Peculiar here would be the deceit unleashed on women who seek true love in a life time partner.

So bad it is that the engagement ring and the visit to her folks is now officially part of the act

Why go the deep end when all you want is the shallow experience?

A baffling wonder I have for men who awaken a woman's emotions at the risk of leaving life time scars just because of a fleeting urge to conquer.

If your body needs to be touched, please pay for a massage. Toying with hearts desperate for genuine love is not just the ultimate symptom of immaturity but confirmation of your wickedness. An act for which you would ask for another's head if your female sibling or female  childhood friend was the victim.

So please if you are in no mood to deal with the serious sisters, please adjust your compass and head for the other side.

There are literally millions of women who don't mind your mentality. Give you what you want and take what they want.  Look for them, just leave the girl that wants to be loved alone.

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Wednesday, June 5, 2019

Eat 2 Bananas Everyday, For A Healthy Heart And Good Sugar Level.

Two bananas a day will supply you enough potassium and this will  help to keep  your heart beating regularly and also can reduce the effect of sodium on blood pressure.

Bananas contains high potassium.a mineral which  helps  the muscles to contract and also helps the nerve cells to respond.

(1) Bananas are rich in protein and dietary fiber

(2)Bananas have low to medium glycemic index  this makes bananas friendly to blood sugar levels.

(3)Bananas have  a lot of properties that makes them good  for weight loss.

(4)Bananas are recommended by USDA at least every adult should eat two bananas a day to be able to reach the proper level of vitamin B6,eating dozens of bananas  may be a risk of  accumulation of excessively mineral  and  high vitamin levels.

(5)Bananas helps  in lowering blood pressure because they are rich in potassium .

(6)Bananas  are very good for the heart because they have good amount of  magnesium.

Add Bananas to your daily menu,two Bananas a day keeps your heart healthy.
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Girl Talk:How Personal Is Your Underwear?Importance Of Personal Hygiene In A Woman's Life.

Woman very conscious of personal hygiene
How Personal is Your Underwear?
There are parts of the body that are  regarded as  "private". These private areas have special wears for them,for the women it's the bra and pants,these wears are supposed to be worn and taken care of by one person who owns it,
However I have seen sisters share under wears,friends do share theirs  also.

The private part of a woman is very sensitive especially the vagina,it requires proper hygiene in order to keep  one safe from bacterial infections.

This week on GIRL TALK,We are looking at  
(1) How personal the woman's underwear is to every woman.
(2) If it's ideal to share the underpants with sisters and/or friends?
(3)How often the underpants should be changed?

Fatima Binta  Idris is a legal practitioner, a member of the GIRL TALK TEAM:

My underpants are my babies. Very personal and dear to me. I even have a bag i call "my panty bag" just for my underwears, i dont ever have them mixed up with my regular clothing.

Oh my God!! People still do that? Like share underwears in 2019? Lol...i would never ever  share with anyone not even with my sister. Underwears are meant to be your personal clothing; not to be shared for any reason. I cannot even share my bra talk more of panties. Health-wise, no one should share underwears with anyone. You may carry infectious diseases by sharing underwears with others. I hate drugs so i stay clear of those things that may trigger the need for them.

I change my underwears often especially the ones i use to cover my intimate area. I change them every 6 months especially my panties, i dont joke with that. I dont want anything distorting the pH level of my pubic area.

Dolly Korede a private worker and hygiene enthusiast has this to say.

This is a very good and sensitive question. As much as I can remember, my underpants are so very personal to me to the point that I'm so very selfish with them and same is my bra.

Right from my childhood till I became an adult, I can't remember sharing my under wears, not for any reason. Not with my blood sisters or my friends, that's not to say I don't love them but that's my privacy and it should be respected and I think if you love your sisters and friends enough then you should be able to get them some in case they are lacking, that's one of the way to show love not by sharing the one you're using.

I try as much as I can to  change my underwears. As much as any woman would want to take care of her physical appearance and makeups is as much as she should also take care of her underpants. It should be among the topmost priority of every woman when it comes to  maintaining good and healthy hygiene routine.

Judyhill Ifeyinwa  a final year student of Guidance and  counseling  at University of Nigeria Nsukka  spoke from  her knowledge   in Home management(food anu Hygiene)

When I saw this question I had to laugh out loud..I mean is underwear not supposed to be personal? Underwears  are clothes worn next to the skin,so in that case the outer cloth have to cover it. For that reason, to me it is very personal that . In fact I have this very close relationship with my undies that even if by mistake someone wears it I can't use it again .Yea that's how personal my undies are to me.

Underwears should be personal and not to be shared irrespective of who the person is or how close you are to the person,
I have five sisters and when it comes to underwears its " a one man show" lol. As funny as it may sound but that is exactly what it is suppose to be. Being related by blood or being close does not give room for one to share underwears  not for any reason at all.

 I don't have a specific time I change my underwears. I do that anytime I have enough money to buy my personal stuff. I buy new ones. So it could be any time in the  year. Who would like to wear old undies when there are many new and sexy ones out there to buy lol..

Girl Talk caught up with Dr Philipa  Orjiakor Consultant at university of portharcourt teaching hospital 

Dr Philipa
We have patients come in from the university with complaints of vaginal infections, most of these are  traced to poor hygiene.these cases are not minor .in some cases the patients spends months  receiving treatments.
Every woman discharges fluids  from the vagina,there are no two body that is the same,Its a health risk .under no circumstance should two people share undetwears I know they don't really cost so much.
Changing the underpants should be constantly , whenever money comes and you're out ,stop at the clothing shops and pick one or two undwears,do bulk buying when you have the fund,make sure you get rid of the old ones and burn them  at least twice in a year.

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