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Health Benefits of Turmeric

Everyone knows the usual ways to avoid spreading germs in preparation for this upcoming cold season. Wash your hands, disinfect surfaces, cover your mouth when sneezing and avoid touching common public places like doorknobs and elevator buttons. The more you keep your germs to yourself and shy away from the germs of others, the less likely you will be to fall prey to the flu and other pesky illnesses, right?

While all of those steps can contribute to the prevention of the flu, there's one significant flaw, one sneaky exception: your cell phone!

That's right, the item you keep closest to your mouth and ever at hand or in your pocket could be aiding and abetting all those flu and flu-like bacterium. In fact, studies have revealed that the cell phone is one of the dirtiest items that people use every single day, most every hour.

Think about it. You wash your hands, but never the phone your hands touch constantly. You disinfect counters, but never the phone that sits on those counters. You cover your mouth when you sneeze but don't cover your phone while breathing, spitting and talking right into it. While your phone may not be a place for public contact, it is a hub for germs collected from every handshake, cough and one dollar bill that you bring to the next phone call.

Not only are cell phones one of the dirtiest items you touch in a given day, they hold on to all of the germs and actually prevent you from being successful in any other preventative sterilizing act. Cleaned surfaces become contaminated once again after the briefest contact with your phone.

Sterilizing Your Phone

Most people have never really cleaned their phone, beyond the swipe of a sleeve or cloth that can help with removing fingerprints and dust. Some worry that the equipment necessary to really deep clean a phone, or other device, is expensive, cumbersome, time consuming or all of the above.

Did you know that microfiber sticky screen cleaners from a few fledgling promo product companies are actually none of the above? Cost effective and compact, these cell phone cleaners stick right to the back of your phone or other electronic device. Sticking and re-sticking thousands of times without ever leaving residue, the patch is always ready for your phone sterilizing needs. Made of a patented microfiber blend, the split end technology actually attracts dust and dirt, pulling it away rather than simply moving it around your screen.

An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure, and most of us would try any way to avoid the trials of the flu. If that path to a healthier season comes in the form of a microfiber sticky screen cleaner to make your cell phone pristine clean, well then all the better!
Common causes of a vitrectomy

Most of the time, a vitrectomy is used so that a surgeon can have access to other areas of the eye without it getting in the way. For example, scar tissue on the retina or other problems with the retina, such as retinal detachment, will result in a patient having to undergo a vitrectomy so that the surgeon can access the retina easier to solve other problems.

Other conditions are also cause for a patient to undergo this procedure. The most common reason that patients need a vitrectomy related to the vitreous humour is a haemorrhage. The blood gets into the gel like material, and then it does not clear up on its own, resulting in impaired vision that can only be fixed with a vitrectomy.

The surgery

Most patients are concerned, curious or both about the surgery itself. There are so many options, that this should be discussed during a visit with the surgeon. Some doctors only numb the eye and the patient is awake during the procedure while others may be completely knocked out.

This procedure is usually done on an outpatient basis, but some patients may wind up spending the night at the hospital. The only way to tell is to discuss the surgery with the doctor that will be performing it.

Replacing the vitreous humour

This another area of concern for many patients. It makes sense that if something was there to fill that space, something not being there may cause problems. Surgeons make sure that there are no complications by injecting an air bubble or an oil bubble into that space. If an oil bubble is used, it is often removed and replaced by an air bubble after the eye has healed. This helps to keep the structure of the eye as it should be.

Vision after surgery

Many patients fear that they will not be able to see after surgery on their eye. Realistically, patients will not know what their vision will be until a few weeks after the procedure. Most patients will have to use antibiotic eye drops for a week or two, and anti-inflammatory eye drops for several weeks.

Individuals that were experiencing vision problems before the surgery will most likely see a significant improvement if the surgery was successful, and there is a high rate of success for these procedures for multiple conditions.

Patients are encouraged to discuss this with their doctor, as that is the only person that knows the reason for them having this surgery, and, because of this, they can give a much better answer.

This procedure can be scary, especially for individuals that have never had surgery before. The thought of a mistake being made is enough to make anyone feel anxious, but the chance of this happening is extremely small. These procedures have an extremely high success rate, and often help patients get back to living their live as they did before they started to have problems with their vision. The recovery time may last anywhere from a week to a few weeks, but most patients no longer need to use eye drops and are back to their normal routine in a few months, if not sooner.
It is easy enough to buy goji berries and to reap the many health benefits they offer. You don't have to consume them the same way all the time though. Instead, it can be fun to have some options for them. When they are dried, you can use them in a variety of great recipes. You don't have to limit it to only sweet items though. Instead, you can also create savoury dishes.


Creating your own trail mix is a good way to make sure it has the right crunch. You also don't have to sort it and take out items you aren't really impressed to consume. Make your own after you buy goji berries that are dried or you dry them at home. It will be a delightful taste that is also going to curb your desire for sugary snacks.

Top your Favourites

You can also buy goji berries to top your favourite items for a snack or for a great morning start. You can add a handful with some nuts to your oatmeal to get the day off to a terrific start. If you usually add sugar to your oatmeal, this addition can make it sweet enough without it. If you still need something to sweeten the deal, add some natural honey.

These berries are delicious mixed in with plain yogurt. You have to be careful when you buy flavoured yogurt at the store. Too often, those items are packed with sugar and calories you don't want or need. Yet many consumers don't read the labels. They assume it is yogurt and it is going to be good for them. If you treat yourself to some ice cream now and then, add berries to the top.


Adding goodies to your salad can be fun and enhance the taste. You do have to be aware of calories from dressing and other items you may decide to add. It is all about balance and moderation or it no longer becomes a healthy meal. You can buy goji berries that are hydrated and they will taste like those delightful cherry tomatoes.

Add them to the salad for a wonderful taste and to add colour to your meal. They are going to be attractive if you have a dinner party or you host some type of event. You can serve your salad like this to introduce your guests to something new. Be ready for the compliments to be coming your way!

Spicy Foods

Don't forget to buy goji berries to add to your spicy foods such as rice and salsa. You may have a favourite chili recipe that they would be delightful in. These berries can bring out the other flavours in spicy foods for an appealing taste. Plus, they offer you plenty of great health benefits at the same time.

Blend Them

You can buy goji berries to add to just about anything you would create in your blender too. This includes batters for dessert items, smoothies, soups, and more. They will be hidden in those food items in such a form, but you can feel great serving them to your family and guests. You can smile knowing you have added something very nutritious for them to benefit from.

Since you can use them in just about anything, make sure you purchase plenty of them! You can't go wrong adding them regularly to the foods you and your family consume. It can be fun to come up with new ways to use them. It won't be long though before your family is asking you to make something in particular with them again and again!

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